What is a Solution Manual?
An electronic manual that shows the correct answers to all questions (odd, even, problems, cases) located in your textbook. Usually separated by chapters and sections. The main benefit of those solution manuals is that you can do your homework and assignments quickly and easily and you will be always sure that you will understand and master what you learn and what you do is correct, therefore, you will get better marks and grades.

Will my instructor/professor know if I purchase such resources from this website?
No, all orders are placed anonymously. Your purchase details will be hidden according to our website privacy.

What happens to the information that I provide like my name or E-mail?
All this information is needed to ensure the completion of the payment. We do not divulge any information per our terms and privacy policy.

Is my purchase ship to my mail box? Is any shipping address needed?
No, they are electronic(pdf/doc/docx/rtf/txt/exl/exls) files which are sent to your email address immediately after you complete payment.

What is the guarantee that I will get the manual or test bank and this is not a scam?
We use PayPal as our secure payment gateway and that is a mark of our genuine business. Further, we have a 24/7 Live Chat/Email Support facility in case of any issues during or after the purchase that you may face.

I already paid but still received nothing, what do I have to do now?
Please check SPAM box, most probably we sent you an email with attachment and it’s gone to your SPAM /JUNK box.
Secondly if you delete your SPAM box and you not received file at all, Please Kindly send us an email and we will resend you download link.
We will do our best to resend your file ASAP after payment.

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